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Troubleshooting Shopify integration

Looking for an answer to a problem you have with our Shopify app? You're at the right spot. We've gathered the most repetitive questions regarding Crisp and Shopify. Having a problem that is not listed here? Make sure to send us a message 🙏🏼

My live chat is not displayed on my Shopify website, what can I do ?

Our Shopify app offers a free live chat system to be added on your online store. It might not be displayed for some reason.

Make sure you saved the modification you brought to your template

By enabling Crisp, you do a template modification and enable Crisp chat to be added to your website. Sometimes, the chat is not displayed because you forgot to click on "save" when enabling the template modification.

To make sure everything is fine, the "Save" button should be greyed and Crisp chatbox should be enabled as shown in the following screenshot ⬇️

If the "Save" Button at the top right is Green, it means you haven't saved the modification. It's why the live chat is not displayed on your website.

I don't see recent updates brought to the Shopify App

Did you take the time to re-authenticate Shopify app? Sometimes, as we're adding new features, Crisp App for Shopify might require new scope from the Shopify API. That's why you need to authenticate again so you accept to share these new data with us.

You can do it from the Shopify app settings, available from the Plugin sections.

Updated on: 31/01/2024

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