By default, the Crisp chatbox is embedded on your website, as a little box that can be opened and closed. However, if you would like to be able to share a link that pops up a Crisp chatbox in full-screen that users cannot close, this article may help you.

Crisp provides a simple way to build links that open up the chatbox in full-screen. That way, you can easily create custom links that open the chatbox in a new browser tab; or share this direct link in emails. It's also useful if you want to include Crisp using an Ifram

The Crisp chatbox can be opened in full-screen

Here's how to proceed:

Go to:
Go to your website settings: click on the cog icon on the top-left corner, then click on "Websites" and select your website in the list
Grab the Website ID code by clicking on "Get chatbox code" (we'll call it WEBSITE_ID there, a valid Website ID looks like: -SzqEmZ56venQuQw4YV1)

Your URL will take the following form (replace with your WEBSITE_ID):

Example (replace with your WEBSITE_ID):

Pass User Data

You can pass optional user data to the embed URL (user email and nickname). This will be saved once the chat is ready:

User email: use the user_email parameter (eg: ?
User nickname: use the user_nickname parameter (eg: ?user_nickname=Valerian Saliou)
Session ID: use the crisp_sid parameter (eg: ?crisp_sid=CRISP_SESSION_ID)
Session token: use the token_id parameter (eg. ?token_id=TOKEN_ID - see tokens docs)

Notice: make sure to URL encode values before you pass them to the embed URL.
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