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How to manage multiple inboxes under the same account

Crisp allows to manage multiple inboxes using the same account/email, so you don't have to logout to reply to customers.

How the Crisp account system works

At Crisp, all the accounts are individual and can be connected to multiple websites. For instance, an account can be attached to different inboxes. If John creates a new company, he will be able to use the same account to manage and and can have different subscriptions. One can be free and the other paid for instance.

This system was made to let companies and entrepreneurs having different brands manage all their customer relationship on the same roof.

Crisp subscriptions are per inboxes. If you need two premium inboxes, it will require two paid subscriptions.

How to create a new website with my account?

To create a new website:

Go to
Go to the settings
Go to website settings.
Create a new website
Then, you will be able to create your new inbox.

By default, your website will be using a free subscription. You will be able to upgrade later here:

Click Create a new website

How to invite agents on a new website?

Crisp allows to add other operators to your Crisp Inbox. New operators can be invited to your Crisp by providing their e-mail address

Here is how to invite other operators

Here's how to proceed:

Login to:
Go to your website settings: click on the settings icon on the left sidebar, then click on "Websites" and select the target website in the list
Select "Operators in the Team"
Click on Add an operator
Fill the operator e-mail and role.
Click on "Invite Operator"
The operator will receive an invitation by e-mail

How to switch from one inbox to another?

To switch inboxes, please click on the upper left corner in your Crisp dashboard. And then click on the inbox you're willing to go to

Switching from one inbox to another

Updated on: 29/08/2022

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