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How to remove "We run on Crisp" branded links?

By default, we show "We run on Crisp" links in the chatbox and in emails we send to/from your visitors. If, however, you'd like to hide those links and completely de-brand Crisp, we've got you covered!

De-branding of the Crisp chatbox and emails comes with a paid Unlimited Plan.

De-branding is not enabled for Crisp Unlimited trials (even if it shows in the Unlimited features). Once you choose to continue using Crisp Unlimited after your trial, and thus you upgrade to paid Crisp Unlimited, the "We run on Crisp" label will disappear from your chatbox and email. The branding is removed as soon as your first payment is successfully processed, which occurs 2 hours after an upgrade. If the branding is still there after this 2 hour timeframe, you should contact our support.

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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