In this guide, you'll get everything you need to know to get started with Crisp. Whether you're a SaaS, an e-commerce or a brick and mortar, we've created the best content to help you get things started with lead generation.

Crisp for Lead Generation
We've created this 'Getting started' guide to help you to kick things off, and then build on the basics. There are lots of ways to increase your lead generation in Crisp. That's why we've gathered the best tactics for you.

As an admin, you have the ability to lay the foundation of a solid lead generation strategy.

Here are the different features we'll guide you through:

An inbox to answer customer queries
Knowledge to improve website visibility
Triggers to send targeted messages
Chatbot to generate leads 24/7

We'll also cover automation with examples of routing bot or resolution bot.

Let's jump into it!

Install the Live Chat (Total time: 5 minutes)

Connect with your users in real-time using the Crisp chatbox for logged-in and website visitors. Your users can start conversations with your team or self-serve through a specific access to the knowledge base.

You'll need:
Access to your codebase (to add the JavaScript snippet)
Your Crisp installation code
One of our integration such as WordPress or Shopify

Here is a dedicated tutorial

Create live chat triggers (Total time: 10 minutes)

Live chat trigger is one of the most powerful feature that lays inside Crisp. It lets you send targeted messages based on users interactions. Based on multiple triggers, you can send an automated message to create a proactive customer service.

You'll need:
To define your key pages (Look at Google Analytics for example)
To craft message copy
Define the targeted behavior to focus on

Building your first trigger
Examples about the best targeted messages

Start a knowledge base (Total time: 10 minutes)

A knowledge base is a great tool that can improve customer support experience. It's also a huge opportunity in terms of visibility. When choosing the right keyword, you can make your articles much more efficient.

You'll need:
To define the articles you're going to create
A tool to evaluate keyword visibility
Message copy for your articles

Building a helpdesk in Crisp
Looking for the right keyword using Ahref

Build a lead gen chatbot (Total time: 15 minutes)

A chatbot is a powerful tool that can take the lead upon conversations when your team is asleep. It will let you put your lead generation on autopilot thanks to our chatbot builder. There are numerous solutions that can be solved through our chatbot, the only limit is your imagination.

You'll need:
To define agents' availability
To have an idea about your approximative workflow

Getting started with the chatbot
Chabot examples

Hurray 🎉 now, you've set the basic for Crisp to work properly and increase your lead generation thanks to Crisp.
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