You just upgraded and you're in need of some advices to set things up properly? No worries, we got you covered, Here is a guide that will tell you everything you need to know about the Unlimited plan plan and the features that come along.

Features available in the Unlimited Plan

Knowledge base: Create a knowledge base and publish articles to make your customers and leads more autonomous.

Status Page: Display the availability of your services to the world, improve transparency and double down on trust.

Customer Reminders: Never forget another important milestone with your leads or your customer.

Routing Rules: Route conversations automatically to the right reps to improve response time and time to resolution.

Magic Browse: Monitor customers' screen in real-time and take control of the screen to help customers in distress.

Live Translate: Translate your messages to scale your customers' relationship at an international level while not having to hire new reps.

Automated Replies: Build an autoresponder that will take the lead on the conversations based on specific actions.

Chatbot: Craft the best conversational experiences through automated scenarios to make customer experience unforgettable.

Campaigns: Build automated sequences that will make your life much easier. Whether it's chat or email, send the right message, at the right time.

CRM: Centralize contacts and interactions inside your CRM to forget about siloed data.

Video Calls: Make your customer experience much more human with peer to peer video calls.

Screen Sharing: Share your screen or let your customer share his screen to simplify support and user experience.

Analytics: Get insights about your customers' experience and improve the way you're chatting with your customers.

SMS: Send and receive SMS straight from Crisp Inbox.

Line: Send and receive messages from Line straight over Crisp Inbox.

Zapier: Connect with the app you love in little to no time.

Integrations: Connect Crisp to major CRMs such as Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce or Zoho.

Customer feedback: Assess the quality of your customer support through CSAT.

Getting Started with the Unlimited Plan

if you're an agent (aka operators or reps), scroll down to the bottom of the article, there's a dedicated section that will explain features you can take advantage of.

Adding new teammates (Total: 2 minutes) 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

Gather the whole team around your shared inbox with Crisp. Simply add new account to Crisp to improve the quality of your support and humanize your brand. With the Unlimited plan, there's now no limit concerning the number of agents that are able to connect.

You'll need:
To be owner of your account
Have your colleagues' emails

Here is a quick guide your new operators, don't forget to share it with them

Click here if you need help on how to invite new operators to your team.

Set a Staging mode (Total Time: 2 minutes) 🎉

In order to maximize the possibilities of your Unlimited Plan, we advise you to request a staging mode, that will let you build and try all those new features without impacting your existing workflows.

You'll need:
To get in touch with Crisp support
To share the WebsiteID for which you'll want to have a staging mode

Here are some explanations on how you can access a staging mode with Crisp.

Create your Knowledge base (Total Time: 180 minutes) 📚

Building a knowledge base can be time-consuming, especially when you're starting from nowhere. Here are some guiding steps that could help you to set things up properly.

Don't try to have the most extensive knowledge base. Start small and grow from day to day.
Ask your teams:" what are the most frequents questions customers have?" then build your first articles upon those answers.
Make your knowledge visible from the homepage of your website (and not that sneaky little link in the footer that no one sees)

Build two chatbot scenarios (Total Time: 90 minutes)

Creating a chatbot is a quick win that you can quickly setup to make your customer experience much more seamless. Through existing scenarios, available over the Chatbot plugin, you can craft 2 simple scenarios.

Build a weekend responder that will answer customers when you're not available.
Build a routing bot that will guide customers in front of the right reps.

If you need more informations about the chatbot, here is an article that will guide you through.

Here is a Youtube playlist that will give you everything you need to build the best chatbot.

Create private notes for each agents' mention (Total Time: 5-10 minutes)

An autoresponder is a powerful tool that can have a huge impact on the quality of your customer service. Building quick win like the one we're sharing today can be great in terms of personalization.

As you've been able to notice, customers like to engage using reps name they've been used to talk to.

Here's what you'll have to do:
A list of your agents' name
Create a private note that mentions the agent that has been named by the customers

That's the perfect tricks to maintain a link between the customer and the reps and improve first response time as each agent will receive a notification in real-time. Saying :" You've been mentioned in a conversation"

Build automated sequences through emails and chat (Total Time: 240 minutes)

Building email and chat sequences can help a lot with your customer experience. Thanks to Campaigns, you can craft personalized messages that will make your time much more profitable. This is the step that requires the most of investment from your side.

Here are the different things you'll need to do:
Think about your customers' lifecycle and the key steps you want to track
Define a tracking plan an name the different events you'll be following. (Note that you might have to combine events to custom data to craft the best experience)
Add Javascript events to your codebase, using JS or Google Tag Manager.
Craft your automated campaigns using personalized data and the right channel

Here is how you can push user event.
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