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Getting Started With Crisp for Customer Support

In this guide, you'll get everything you need to know to get started with Crisp for customer support related actions. Whether you're a SaaS, an e-commerce or a brick and mortar, we've created the best content to help you get things started.

Crisp for Customer Support

We've created this 'Getting started' guide to help you to kick things off, and then build on the basics. There are lots of ways to support your customers in Crisp and it can be discouraging to evaluate the amount of work you have to do.

Do not despair, you just need to do some simple actions to simply start to improve customer support. Thanks to our shared inbox, you'll skyrocket your customer support.

Setting up a new workspace

As an admin, you have the ability to lay the foundation of a solid customer support strategy.

Here are the different features we'll guide you through:

An inbox to answer customer queries
Knowledge for scaling self-serve support
Campaigns to guide your customers automatically

We'll also cover automation with examples of routing bot or resolution bot.

Let's jump into it!

Install the Live Chat (Total time: 5 minutes)

Connect with your users in real-time using the Crisp chatbox for logged-in and website visitors. Your users can start conversations with your team or self-serve through a specific access to the knowledge base.

You'll need:
Access to your codebase (to add the JavaScript snippet)
Your Crisp installation code
One of our integration such as WordPress or Shopify

Here is a dedicated tutorial to add the website widget to your website

Connect your inbox with your social media and your emails (Total time: 15 minutes)

More than website visitors, you should also be looking to improve your response time with through social media. At Crisp, we provide different integrations: Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, WhatsApp Business Platform, Twitter DM, Line, Viber, SMS (via Twilio), Phone Calls (via Aircall or Ringover).

You can also create an email inbox that can be shared inside your company.

Create your social messaging inbox

Create your shared email inbox

Connect WhatsApp

Connect Instagram

Receive phone calls in Crisp with Aircall

Receive phone calls in Crisp with Ringover

Invite teammates (Total time: 2 minutes)

Work with your whole team in Crisp by inviting them to your inbox. Assign Inbox seats, manage permissions, measure team performance, and more.

You'll need:
Inbox (It starts from the free plan from an unlimited number of agents, using the Unlimited plan)
Your teammates' email addresses

How to Invite your teammates

Set up office hours (Total time: 2 minutes)
Manage expectations by setting office hours, so your customers always know when you're available or not. At Crisp, you can't manage your team's availability, each agent has to set his own office hours.

You'll need:
Your own availability

Set up office hours for your availability

Create assignment rules (Total time: 5+ minutes)
Create assignment rules to automatically route conversations to the correct team based on message content or the data you track in Crisp.

You'll need:
Crisp Inbox
Active teammates in Crisp

Create assignment rules

Import user data (Total time: 10+ minutes)
Already have a loyal user base? Import them into Crisp so you can see and chat with them right away.

You'll need:
CSV file of user data or API

Import user data
Use our API

Hurray 🎉 now, you've set the basic for Crisp to work properly. Let's dive in quickly to get everything ready.

Customize your chatbox look and feel (Total time: 5 minutes)
Want to improve your brand identity by modifying chatbox colors and behavior? That's the spot!

You'll need:
Customization plugin

Customize the chatbox

Track custom data (Total time: 15 + minutes)
Create and track data that matters to your business for more personalized support. This can be done through our API or our JS SDK

You'll need:
Access to your codebase (to update the JavaScript snippet)
Crisp installed in your product or e-commerce
Data you'd like to track

Create custom data
Use our API
Access our JS SDK

Set up the chatbot for better support (Total time: 10 minutes)
Automate simple actions with routing bots, like qualifying users' needs or assigning conversations to agents, automatically. You can also create a bot that could automate answer for specific keywords, on multiple channels.

You'll need:
Articles from your knowledge base
A public knowledge base

Set up the chatbot
Combine knowledge base articles and chatbot to answer questions automatically

Congratulations! Your Crisp inbox is set up and you're now ready to provide world-class multichannel support at scale

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Joining an existing team

Joining an existing is something common alongside the Crisp experience. In order to make the most out of our software, here are few steps you should take to build the best experience for your customers.

Upload avatar (Total time: 2 minutes)

Uploading a happy, smiley avatar lets your users know that there's a real person at the other end of the chat. Furthermore, companies that set a profile Crisp tend to have more conversations than the ones that doesn't.

You'll need:
A happy, smiley photograph

Upload your profile picture

Update notification preferences (Total time: 2 minutes)
Get notified about the things that matter to you in the ways that suit you best.

You'll need:
- Access your notification settings

Update your notification preferences

Create user segments (Total time: 5 + minutes)
Group users together by applying segments directly from the Inbox or through your product interactions (eg. assign a segment "user" to someone that has signed up). You can tag users based on activity in a conversation, like highlighting a bug so product teams can review. Segments can be assigned both manually or automatically.

You'll need:
Crisp Inbox (to apply tags here)
A clear idea of what tags you need to create
User data in Crisp

Create user Segment

Access existing shortcuts (Total time: 5 + minutes)
Make sure to be able to use a library of shortcuts to common questions so you can speed up response times. You can use the "!" mark, inside the inbox to quickly access them.

You'll need:
Crisp Inbox
A list of existing shortcuts

Create saved replies
25 examples of canned messages

Access existing knowledge articles (Total time: 5 + minutes)
Make sure to be able to use existing knowledge articles that can answer common questions so you can speed up response times. You can use the "?" mark, inside the inbox to quickly access them.

You'll need:
Crisp Inbox
Conversations to answer to

Congratulations! You're all set and you're now ready to provide world-class support at scale

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Updated on: 18/11/2022

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