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Getting started with the Pro plan

You just upgraded and you're in need of some advice to set things up properly? No worries, we've got you covered, Here is a guide that will tell you everything you need to know about the Pro plan and the features that come along.

Features available in the Pro Plan

The Pro plan is your big first step to a better managed, more seamless customer experience. The advantages are numerous and can help a lot in terms of customer experience. Here are the features that become available as soon as you choose to go with us.

First thing first, you can now add two more people to your team! 🚀

Unlimited history: No more limits in terms of conversations' history, you can now unlock all your previous conversations.

Internal Search: Powered by Sonic, you can now search into decades of conversations you had over the chat and all the channels you're using.

Triggers: Aka Targeted messages, triggers will let you send automated messages through the chatbox based on your customers' behaviour: time spent, button click, on leave intent, URL parameters, and many more ...

Canned Responses: Create templated answers that will help you to respond faster to your customers to focus on things that really matter.

Private Note: Build collaboration in real-time, increase transparency and build trust within your organization while improving the time to resolution. The perfect tool for better customer service.

Customization: Make your chatbox fit perfectly with your brand identity with multiple customization options.

Audio Messages: Send messages through voice to answer your customers and make them feel how human your brand is.

Slack Integration: Slack is commonly used all over the world, you can now take advantage of it by answering messages straight from Slack.

Facebook Messenger: Connect your Facebook page to receive your messages straight inside Crisp inbox.

Twitter DM: Connect your Twitter Account to receive your messages straight inside your Crisp inbox.

Email: Connect your Email account to receive your mail straight inside your Crisp inbox.

Telegram: Connect your Telegram Account to receive your messages straight inside your Crisp inbox.

Magic Map: Monitor in real-time who's browsing your website and engage with them manually.

Block Users: Sometimes, users have to blocked for different reasons, you can now do it straight from Crisp inbox.

Wondering about our prices? Check them out there.

Getting started with the Pro Plan

Adding new teammates (Total: 2 minutes) 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

Gather the whole team around your wanna be shared inbox with Crisp. Simply add new account to Crisp to improve the quality of your support and humanize your brand.

You'll need:
To be owner of your account
Have your colleagues' emails

Here is a quick guide your new operators, don't forget to share it with them 😉

Click here if you need help on how to invite new operators to your team.

Connect your inbox with your social media and your emails (Total time: 15 minutes) 🤝

More than website visitors, you should also be looking to improve your response time with through social media. At Crisp, we provide different integrations: Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Line, SMS (via Twilio).

You can also create an email inbox that can be shared inside your company.

Create your social messaging inbox

Create your shared mailbox

Customize your chatbox look and feel (Total time: 5 minutes) 🎨
Want to improve your brand identity by modifying chatbox colors and behavior? That's the spot!

You'll need:
Customization plugin

Customize the chatbox

Access existing shortcuts (Total time: 10 minutes) ⚠️
Make sure to be able to use a library of shortcuts to common questions so you can speed up response times. You can use the "!" mark, inside the inbox to quickly access them.

You'll need:
Crisp Inbox
A list of existing shortcuts
Create saved replies
25 examples of canned messages

Create live chat triggers (Total time: 10 minutes) 🔊

Live chat trigger is one of the most powerful feature that lays inside Crisp, in terms of lead generation. It lets you send targeted messages based on users interactions. Based on multiple triggers, you can send an automated message to create a proactive customer service.

You'll need:
To define your key pages (Look at Google Analytics for example)
To craft message copy
Define the targeted behavior to focus on

Building your first trigger
Examples about the best targeted messages

Take advantage of private notes and mentions (Total time: 2 minutes) 📬

Collaboration inside a team is a key factor of success when building the best customer service. Using private notes and mentions will help a lot when chatting internally over customers' questions.

You'll need:
To chat with a customers
To have someone to collaborate with (😅)
Use the "@" and the the shortcut "/note" to mention and enter in the note mode.

Now, you're all set, ready to rock your customer service 💥

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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