You need your Crisp account, and all associated data removed? You can close your Crisp account permanently from your Crisp dashboard.

Before you start, please be reminded that there is no coming back after you delete your account on Crisp. All your data will be permanently removed from Crisp servers and will not be recoverable. You will still be able to create a Crisp account with your email after your current account has been closed.

Before you proceed, make sure to retrieve any invoice you have on file with us from your Crisp account, for your accounting. After you close your account, you won't have access to your invoices anymore (if you had any, ie. if you paid a Crisp subscription with this Crisp account).

A Crisp account can only be closed if you are not a member of a website anymore, and if you have no payment method registered anymore. Make sure you leave or remove any website left, and remove any payment method.

To delete your Crisp account, you may follow those steps:

Go to:
Go to your settings: click on the settings icon
Click on "Account"
At the bottom of the page, click on "Delete your account"
Enter your account email (used to double-confirm removal)
Confirm removal
You will be redirected to the login page, your account is now closed & deleted

Delete your account from Crisp and all its data
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