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How do I connect Klaviyo to Crisp?

The Klaviyo plugin allows you to sync your Crisp contacts to your Klaviyo workspace, push events from Crisp to Klaviyo profiles and display Klaviyo profile details directly in Crisp.


How to connect Klaviyo to Crisp?
Contact synchronization
Contact events
Widget Data
Email Conversations
SMS Conversations

How to connect Klaviyo to Crisp?

Installing the plugin is super simple and can be done in a couple clicks.

Initiate the plugin installation here and select a Crisp Workspace to install it on.
You will be redirected to Klaviyo where you can select your Klaviyo workspace.
Click "Allow" to grant Crisp the permission to the listed resources.
That's it, you're Klaviyo account should now be connected to Crisp.
(Optional) Configure the plugin settings, to prevent whether or not Crisp operators with "Member" permissions can add/remove customers to lists and more!

How does the plugin work?

Contact Synchronization

The Klaviyo plugin will automatically sync Crisp contacts to your Klaviyo account whenever a contact is created/updated in Crisp and the automatic synchronization setting is enabled. If the automatic synchronization is disabled, you will still have the option to manually sync a contact using the plugin widget.

Example of manual contact synchronization

Data reference

Contact information will sync from Crisp to Klaviyo with the following properties:
First and last name (All middle names will be considered as last names)
Phone number
Email address
Contact address and location
Job title
Contact custom data (Custom data will by synced when this option is enabled in the plugin settings on Crisp)

Contact Events

Events that occur in Crisp will be added to the Klaviyo profile. A full list of events can be seen below.

All events will include the following event properties:
website_id - The Crisp inbox ID
session_id - The conversation ID where the even occurred
conversation_url - A direct link to the Crisp conversation
conversation_segments - Segments associated to the conversation
conversation_data - Custom data associated to the conversation
contact_address - Contact address
contact_ip_address - Contact IP address
contact_device_timezone - Contacts device timezone offset (UTC)
contact_device_locales - Contacts device locales (eg. en_US, pt, etc.)
contact_device_user_agent - Contacts device user-agent
contact_device_os_name - Contacts device operating system name
contact_device_os_version - Contacts device operating system version
contact_device_browser_name - Contacts device browser name
contact_device_browser_version - Contacts device browser version
contact_device_city - Contacts device city location
contact_device_country - Contacts device country location
contact_device_region - Contacts device region location

Conversation Opened
The conversation opened event will be triggered when ever a conversation changes state to "Unresolved" or "Pending".

Conversation Closed
The conversation closed event will be triggered when ever a conversation changes state from "Unresolved" or "Pending" to"Resolved".

Conversation Subject Updated
The conversation subject was set or changed. This event will be mostly seen on email conversations.

Additional event properties
conversation_subject - The subject of the email conversation.

Conversation Rating
The user left a rating on the conversation.

Additional event properties
rating - The rating (1 to 5 stars).
rating_comment - Any comment left on the conversation rating.

Widget Data

The Klaviyo plugin widget allows you to see your customers profile directly from Crisp. The widget provides useful information such as the customers Lists, Segments, Coupons and Events. Additionally, it is possible to directly add/remove a customer from a list within Crisp.

Widget data example

Its possible to add customers to lists from Crisp too, this will open a modal where you can select which lists to add a customer to.

Note that it is possible to restrict only website owners from being able to add/remove customers from lists from the plugin settings. This option is enabled automatically to prevent member users from accidentally removing customers from lists.

Add to list modal example

Email Conversations

If you send an email campaign through Klaviyo, you may want to receive replies from the campaign in your Crisp inbox. This can be done by setting your Crisp email address as your reply-to email when sending the campaign from Klaviyo. You can find your Crisp email address from Settings > Website Settings > Click "Integrations" > Email and you should see your Crisp email address in step 2.

If you would like to setup a custom email domain you can follow the guide here.

Once you've found your Crisp email, make sure to use this email as the reply-to email and all email responses will land in your Crisp inbox. In the example below is an example of a custom email domain. The mailbox name can be set to anything, for example * where you can replace the * with what you'd like. Additionally, it is possible to automatically add segments to replied to emails by appending the segment name to the reply-to mailbox. For example, setting the following email; would result in the Crisp conversation including the june2024 segment.

Klaviyo email campaign example

SMS Conversations

Klaviyo SMS conversations can be seen and responded to from Crisp too. When a customer SMS's your Klaviyo number, you will receive the message in Crisp as a conversation. You can tell which of your Klaviyo numbers the user messaged by checking the visitor data section on the right (the purple box in the image below). Operators can respond from either Crisp or Klaviyo and you will see all messages in the Crisp conversation.

Note that it is not possible to begin SMS conversations in Klaviyo. You will only be able to respond to conversations from Crisp once you receive at least one message from the customer.

SMS Conversation example


I am not receiving SMS messages in Crisp, but I see them in my Klaviyo conversations, why?

It the plugin settings, make sure you have the setting enabled to receive SMS messages from Klaviyo in Crisp.

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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