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How to link Crisp with Instagram DM?

Crisp is integrated with Instagram so you can reply to your Instagram DMs and Stories reactions directly from Crisp!

Instagram is available from the Crisp Unlimited plan

Before Getting Started

In order to use Instagram in Crisp, your Instagram account needs to be a "Business Account", and you will need admin rights for this account. See How to set up a business account on Instagram here.
Your Instagram Business Account needs to be connected to a Facebook page. See How to connect a Facebook Page to your business account here.

Link Crisp with Instagram

Go to > Plugins > Search for Instagram > View Details > Install Plugin

Click Connect to Instagram

Select the your Instagram Accounts and their respective Facebook pages.

Connect the account(s) you would like to receive messages from in Crisp.

Video Tutorial

Configure your preferences

Its possible to auto-resolve or bypass certain messages based on your preferences. In the plugin settings go to the "Preferences" tab.

How to connect multiple Instagram account to your Crisp Workspace?

Since it's possible to add multiple instagram account to the same Crisp workspace, you should disconnect and reconnect your Business Manager account to enable Crisp to access to all the other Instagram account you want to manage from your Crisp inbox.

Crisp Unlimited plan offers 1 account to be connected, any extra account will come with a 20$ / mo / Instagram account


I connected the plugin, but it says "Not Configured" and the "Connect" button is disabled?

If you see this error, it means that you connected a Facebook page that does not have an Instagram account connected to it. Please see How to connect a Facebook Page to your business account here.

I can't see my Facebook Page in the list

Facebook changed recently their login system and it's impacting administrators handling many different pages. Here is how to fix this.

After clicking on the "Connect/Reconnect with Instagram" button, you should arrive on the Facebook login system.

Click Edit Settings

Select your page

I changed my password

If you changed your password you need to relink Crisp with Instagram. Follow the step "Link Crisp with Instagram" just above.

I have connected the plugin but Instagram messages are not landing in Crisp, why?

Go to Facebook and login as the page you connected the Instagram account to.
Go to your page settings

In settings go to Linked Accounts > Instagram
If your account is not connected, or the wrong account is connected, please connect the correct Instagram account.

Go back to Settings then New Pages experience > Advanced Messaging
Make sure that under App settings you have configured Crisp as your Primary receiver for Instagram

Finally, make sure you have allowed access to your Instagram messages

Updated on: 15/05/2023

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