Crisp is a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider which lets you connect a WhatsApp Business phone number to your Crisp Inbox, allowing messages to flow directly to Crisp. You can then leverage on all your existing Crisp features (Chatbot, Knowledge Base, Shared Inbox) to manage all your WhatsApp users at scale.

Connect the WhatsApp Business Platform with Crisp

By enabling this integration, you allow your company to build a shared inbox for WhatsApp Business and benefit from all the features available in Crisp: better collaboration, more productivity, data synchronization and many other great assets.

Note that this integration comes with 1000 free WhatsApp Business Conversations


Before getting started with the WhatsApp Business Platform integration, please make sure the following requirements are met:

You need a Crisp Unlimited plan.
Be an owner on your Crisp workspace
An existing phone number (mobile or landline).
An admin access to your Meta Business Manager.

Installing the WhatsApp Business platform Plugin

First you will need to go on and then Plugins, and finally search "WhatsApp"

Open your Crisp App, then go to Plugins, and then search WhatsApp

Connecting to your Whatsapp Business Account (WABA).

You will have to click on the "Connect to WhatsApp" button.

You will be then redirected to Facebook. During the setup process you :

Select the required Business Manager
Fill your Business Details
Create or Select a WhatsApp Phone Number

Selecting your WhatsApp Business Account

Pick your WhatsApp account in the list

Testing your WhatsApp Business account

You can now use your WhatsApp account. Send a test message from WhatsApp to the WhatsApp phone number associated with Crisp.


I am not seeing my Whatsapp Business App Phone number

Whatsapp Business App phone numbers can't be connected with the Whatsapp Business Platform and their party apps such as Crisp. This kind of phone numbers can only be used on an iPhone or an Android smartphone.

However, you can convert a Whatsapp Business App Number, into a Whatsapp Business Platform Number. To do it, you will need to delete your existing Whatsapp Business Account. your phone number will then be available again to be registered on the Whatsapp Business Platform Number.

You can find the procedure to remove your Whatsapp Account right there:

How to change my Profile Picture & Display name?

In order to change your Whatsapp display name and profile picture, you will need to do this in your Whatsapp Business Manager.

Go to your Business Manager, select your business and then click the settings cog on the bottom left of the page.
Select Buisness Settings. A new tab to your business settings will open.

Select Accounts > Whatsapp Account and select the account you would like to change.
Then, click the Settings tab for the account and Whatsapp Manager at the bottom of the settings.

On the left panel, go to Account Tools > Phone numbers
On the number you would like to edit, hover over the name and click on the Edit the display name for this phone number and follow the prompt. Your display name will then need to be approved by Whatsapp.

To change the profile image click the settings cog on the same page, then click Profile. Here you can change your picture, business description, address, website and more.

Make the most out of Crisp Inbox and Wa Business Platform

Create shortcuts to make your teams more productive:
Connect other channels such as Instagram or Messenger.
Build chatbots for WhatsApp:
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