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How does the Slack integration work?

Crisp provides a Slack integration, that is included in all our paid plans. The Slack integration lets you receive customer questions in your Slack group. You can even answer from there.

Slack integration is available from the Crisp Pro plan

Crisp for Slack lets you receive visitor messages in Slack

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How do I link Crisp to Slack?

You can link your existing Crisp website to Slack, by enabling a paid plan on the target website, and then configuring the Slack integration:

Go to:
Login or create a Crisp account
Go to the Plugins section (in the sidebar)
Search for "Slack" and install the Slack plugin (it will prompt you to upgrade your plan if necessary)
Go to the Slack plugin settings (click on the Slack plugin settings icon)
Follow the instructions to connect Crisp to Slack

Note that not all users from your Slack team might be authorized to install new Slack apps. Check with your Slack team administrator if you cannot install any Slack app.

Can I have multiple websites linked to the same Slack team?

Yes! This is transparent on your side.

You may link as many websites as you want to the same Slack team, and all visitor messages will come in the common channel, as they do with a single website.

How do team members get notified of messages on Slack?

Only people who made the choice to join the visitor channel get notified of messages for a given visitor. They can leave the visitor channel anytime, or even block it if the visitor gets spammy.

The default channel name is #crisp-chats, though you can rename it anytime from Slack. We will catch the new channel name and update your plugin configuration with the new channel name.

When the conversation is created (on first visitor message), @crispbot sends a notification in the public #crisp-chat group. Then, operators can opt-in to the newly-created visitor channel if they want to handle the chat.

Are visitor messages sent/received on Slack still stored on my Crisp dashboard?

Yes, all messages (visitor + operator) are still stored on your Crisp dashboard, as they were before enabling Slack. You can still use the Crisp apps to search in chat history and manage your chats.

Can I still reply from the regular Crisp apps?

Yes. It's even better: you can have part of your team replying on Slack, while the other part uses Crisp apps. People on Slack can see messages sent from Crisp apps, and vice-versa.

Crisp synchronizes all messages for you between Crisp apps and integrations.

Do I need to add Crisp operators with Slack?

No. Messages sent from Slack use the sending Slack user profile. Thus, visitors can see operator photo and first name.

If you have a large team, there's no need to create a Crisp operator account for all of them. Crisp will automatically use their Slack profile if they start sending messages.

Which shortcuts are available?

You can control some aspects of a Crisp conversation right from Slack.

Here is the list of the available commands, that you can use by clicking on message actions for any message sent in the Slack thread with a visitor:

Add segments
Share private note
Block user
Change email
Resolve conversation

For instance, to change the visitor email to, click on "Change email", then a modal opens in Slack, in which you'd enter and hit "Save".

Privacy policy

The privacy policy which applies to the Slack integration is the same that applies to all Crisp products. You can read it on our Privacy Policy page.

I have an issue, how do I get support?

We're sorry you're having issues with our Slack integration!

You can chat with us anytime, from our contact page.

Updated on: 16/09/2021

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