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How to Link your Facebook Messenger pages to Crisp?

The Facebook Messenger plugin allows you to receive and send messages from one or more of your Facebook Business pages. You will have the ability to connect and disconnect Facebook directly from Crisp.

How to install the Facebook Messenger plugin?

In order to manage your messages from your Facebook Pages directly in Crisp, you will need to make sure you're on the Pro or Unlimited plan and that you are an Admin in your inbox.

Login to Crisp and head to Plugins > Messenger > Click Install

Install the Messenger Plugin

Click "Connect To Messenger" and login to Facebook on the external window.
Select the pages you would like to connect to Crisp and allow permissions to the selected pages.

Select the pages to connect to Crisp

You should be redirected to a successful page, click "Return to Settings" to configure your Facebook pages.
Click "Connect Page" on the desired pages you would like to connect.

Note: Only one page is included on your paid plan (Pro and Unlimited), additional pages have an additional cost of $20 per page, please contact support to increase your page limit.

Connect Pages to Crisp

That's it! Your pages are now connect to Crisp and you can receive and respond to Facebook messages.

How will I know which page the user is messaging me from?

When you receive a message from the user, the name of the page will be added to the Visitor Data on the right panel.

Idenitfying the Page name

How to create a chatbot for Messenger?

Once you've connected Crisp to Meta, you can now take advantage of the numerous features available. One of the first thing you should do is to create a chatbot so you can reply automatically to incoming messages from your Meta Business Inbox.

To help you with this, here is a guide you can follow to create a chatbot for Messenger

Troubleshooting Meta Messenger

I can't see my Facebook page listed in the plugin settings?

It is likely that you did not allow Crisp permissions to your Facebook page, please click "Reconnect to Messenger". On the external Facebook window, click "Edit Settings" and select the desired pages.

My Facebook page is connected in Crisp, but I do not receive messages.

Login as your Facebook page in the top right corner, then navigate to your page and click "Manage".

Then, on the left panel, click "Page Access" where you can then select "Advanced Messaging.

Ensure Crisp is installed under Connected Apps. Under Handover protocol click Configure for Messenger receiver and ensure Crisp is selected as your Primary Receiver.

I changed my password

If you changed your password you need to relink Crisp with Messenger. Follow the step "Link Crisp with Messenger" just above.

The user who linked Crisp with the Facebook page has left the company

Let's say Paul, your developer, links Crisp with your Facebook page. If Paul leaves your company for a new position, you may remove Paul's admin rights from your Facebook page.

In this case, it will break the Crisp <> Messenger connection, as Crisp was using Paul's tokens.

In this case, what you need to do is to relink Crisp with Messenger. Follow the step "Link Crisp with Messenger" just above.

My user contacted us more than 24 hours ago

Facebook Messenger is currently having a limitation forcing you to reach users less than a 24 hours window.

This 24 hours window is a protection from Facebook against unsolicited messages and spam. If a user contacts you, your team will be able to reply in the next 24 hours. If you send a message 25 hours later, your message will be refused by Facebook. If the user sends a new message, you will be able to contact him again.

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Updated on: 31/07/2023

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