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How to install Crisp Live chat on Prestashop? (Updated V1.7)

Looking for a live chat addon to install on your Prestashop website? Say no more! Using Crisp Live Chat, you can install a live chat widget on your ecommerce website for free! Follow the steps in this article to get closer with people browsing your online store.

What you need:

- A running ecommerce website using Prestashop v1.7 (or lower)
- A Crisp account (you can create a new one or use an existing one)

➡️ To know more about Crisp website chat widget click here

Video tutorial:

Tutorial on how to install a free chat widget on Prestashop

Get the Crisp Plugin file here

Unzip it and copy it as "Crisp" in the Prestashop module folder or use the dashboard to do so as explained in the following steps

Login on the Prestashop dashboard

Go to "Modules Manager " and click on "Upload a module"

Install the free live chat addon and Configure It
Get your Website ID from your Crisp Panel. To see how you can find your website ID, click here.
Start using your new live chat

Note that our live chat addon is also available on Prestashop marketplace and has a paying fee of 50$, click here to see it. This is due to Prestashop policy and there is nothing we can do about it. This is way we provide different ways of integrating it to make sure you don't have to pay for a great live chat software.

Going the extra mile with a website chat software for your e-commerce

Using Crisp gives you access to a wide range of features so you can make your online shopping experience much better! Here are a few tips you should think about when using Crisp:

Send proactive message to engage with high value website visitors using Triggers
Connect social media channels to* centralize messages** from Instagram, Messenger or Emails
Build chatbots to automate customers' conversations when you're not available. Click here to see how to get started

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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