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How to install Crisp for Woocommerce?

Installing Crisp Helpdesk on your WooCommerce store is very simple. The integration will be very useful as an online merchants because we help you create a truly efficient helpdesk for your online store.

To check the details on our WooCommerce helpdesk plugin, click here.

How to install the Crisp for WooCommerce extension?

Go to to 'Plugins' from your Crisp dashboard and install the plugin.

You will be prompted to download the Crisp for Woocommerce plugin. Save the file.
In you WordPress admin area, go to Plugins > Add new > Upload plugin and upload the file.
Activate the plugin.
Once the plugin is activated, click on the Crisp Settings menu from the left panel and then select Install Crisp on my Wordpress & WooCommerce

Follow the instructions on the screen to install the plugin on your Crisp inbox.
Approve permissions for Crisp to connect to your WooCommerce Store.

That's it! The Crisp chatbox has now beeen added to your store and data is now synced from your customer data to Crisp.

How does the integration work?

Installing the WooCommerce plugin will allow you to create an helpdesk for your customers. Automatically, customer data is synced from WooCommerce so you access the data right in Crisp, no more back and forth between tools. If your customer has an account with your online store and is logged in, you will also have the option to see any past orders done through WooCommerce.

To get started with e-commerce, make sure to check this guide for e-commerce: click here.

Additionally, any order updates are pushed to your Crisp user profile as an event with details regarding the order itself.


I would like to use the Woocommerce plugin, but I do not want my Woocommerce contacts to sync with my Crisp Contacts, can this be done?

Yes, it is possible to stop contacts from syncing with Crisp by deleting the webhooks in your Woocommerce settings. To do this you need to login to the admin area of your website then go to:
Woocommerce > Settings > Advanced > Webhooks , select the Customer Created and Customer Updated webhooks and delete them. You can also delete both Order webhooks if you would like to stop order events being pushed to existing Crisp contacts.

Updated on: 07/11/2023

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