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How to connect your Crisp Smiirl Counter?

The Crisp Smiirl counter can be used to display some Crisp metrics directly on your physical counter

Setup your Counter

Plugin your counter.
Go to:
Follow the instruction on your screen.
Your counter is ready to be linked to Crisp

Link your counter to Crisp

Go to > Plugins > search for "Smiirl" and install the plugin

Click on the URL to copy it to your clipboard.

Go to Smiirl, click on your counter Settings and select to use the JSON URL option.
Paste the URL you copied from Crisp and select the count attribute.

That's it! Your Crisp Smiirl Counter is ready!

What metrics can I show on my counter?

At the moment you are able to display 1 of 4 metrics at a time, such as:
Website Visitors: these are the number of people your have on your website at a given time.
Total Contact: the number of contact your have saved in your Crisp CRM
Unread Messages: the total number of unread messages in your inbox
Pending conversations: the number of conversations that are pending in your inbox. Note that these do not include unresolved conversation, but conversation that are new and have not been attended to yet.

You can change which metric should be shown from > Plugins > "Smiirl". Select the drop-down menu and click on the metric you would like to display on your counter.

Can I change the frequency of when my counter is updated?

Yes, you can do this from your Smiirl settings. Go to Smiirl, click on your counter Settings and choose the reactivity intervals.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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