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How to display Crisp only on few pages

Crisp allows you to show the chatbox only on some pages.

You can show the chat only on few pages

Here's how to proceed:

Go to your website settings: click on the "Settings" icon on the left sidebar, then click on "Websites" and select the target website in the list
Select Chatbox & Email settings
Go to chatbox restrictions
Click on "Add an allowed page"
Your chatbox will now be visible only on this page

Tip: If the domain you are using is, please provide as URL. The Crisp match system is really strict. If you provide and your website is in fact using, it won't work

Using wildcards

This feature is compatible with wildcards. It allows hiding pages following patterns.

Here are few examples:

Simple match*/pricing will match all pages like:

Double Wildcard

Using a double wildcard such as** , it will match all subdirectories such as:

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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