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How to hide the "read" marker in chatbox for operator messages? (operator privacy)

When your visitors chat with you and send you a message, they get to know when an operator from your team read it in a Crisp app. You may want to disable this Read indicator if you want to avoid telling the user when an operator read a message. This will also hide the composing icon in the chatbox while an operator is writing a message.

Here's how to disable the chatbox read marker:

Go to your Crisp dashboard
In the sidebar, click on the Settings icon
In the Settings, select Websites, and then pick your website
In your Website, click on "Chatbox & Emails settings"
Click on "Chatbox Behavior"
Enable the "Operator privacy mode" option

Enable operator privacy mode in your chatbox settings

Now, your visitors won't see the message "read" marker again (you may disable this option anytime to get back to default settings).

Updated on: 26/07/2023

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