Crisp is integrated with Facebook Messenger so you can reply to your Facebook customers directly from Crisp!

Messenger integration is available from the Crisp Pro plan

Video Tutorial

Link Crisp with Messenger

Go to
Go to plugins
Click on Messenger
Connect with Messenger
Choose your page


I can't see my Facebook Page in the list

Facebook changed recently their login system and it's impacting administrators handling many different pages. Here is how to fix this.

After clicking on the "Connect/Reconnect with Messenger" button, you should arrive on the Facebook login system.

Click Edit Settings

Select your page

I don't receive my Facebook Messages on Crisp

You may use the other Messenger App on your Facebook Page.

Go to your Facebook Page settings
Messenger Tab then
Ensure Crisp is configured as Primary Receiver

Ensure Crisp is configured as Primary Receiver

I changed my password

If you changed your password you need to relink Crisp with Messenger. Follow the step "Link Crisp with Messenger" just above.

The user who linked Crisp with the Facebook page has left the company

Let's say Paul, your developer, links Crisp with your Facebook page. If Paul leaves your company for a new position, you may remove Paul's admin rights from your Facebook page.

In this case, it will break the Crisp <> Messenger connection, as Crisp was using Paul's tokens.

In this case, what you need to do is to relink Crisp with Messenger. Follow the step "Link Crisp with Messenger" just above.

My user contacted us more than 24 hours ago

Facebook Messenger is currently having a limitation forcing you to reach users less than a 24 hours window.

This 24 hours window is a protection from Facebook against unsolicited messages and spam. If a user contacts you, your team will be able to reply in the next 24 hours. If you send a message 25 hours later, your message will be refused by Facebook. If the user sends a new message, you will be able to contact him again.

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