Crisp allows your team to receive emails on your Crisp Mailbox so you can manage all your emails from the Crisp Inbox, with team assignments. This feature is available from Crisp Pro.

Crisp Email feature requires your existing email provider, such as Google for Work, to support email forwarding

Crisp is a really great tool to build the best customer service email management, check it out! Through our collaborative inbox, you'll let your team do more work, all together.

Video Tutorial

1- Retrieve your Crisp Email

Connect to
Go to your website settings ( and click integrations
Go to Email Integration

2- Copy your Crisp Email

Copy your email

3- Forward emails

This setup depends from your email provider. There is a Link to few email providers:

- Google:
- Gandi:
- OVH (French Only):
- 1And1:
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