Crisp allows your team to receive emails on your Crisp Mailbox so you can manage all your emails from the Crisp Inbox, with team assignments. This feature is available from Crisp Pro.

Crisp Email feature requires your existing email provider, such as Google for Work, to support email forwarding

Crisp is a really great tool to build the best customer service email management, check it out! Through our collaborative inbox, you'll let your team do more work, all together.

Receive your emails in Crisp will allow you and your team to get the emails directly in the Crisp dashboard, this way everyone would be able to answer the communication with your clients. You will never miss a conversation nor a response from your team. It will also prevent you to send several times the same answer and flood your customer with emails.

Video Tutorial

1 - Retrieve your Crisp Email

Connect to
Go to your website settings ( and click integrations
Go to Email Integration

Click Email

2 - Copy your Crisp Email

Copy your email redirection

3 - Forward emails

The general idea is to redirect all emails coming to your / email to Crisp.

This step depends on your email provider:

OVH (French Only):
4 - Handling multiple mailboxes

If your company is running multiple emails, such as,,, it is possible to manage all those emails into your Crisp inbox.

You can use your Crisp email redirection (ie for all your company emails.

To help you organizing your Crisp Inbox, it is possible to automatically add a segment for each mailbox. Appending +segment to your Crisp redirection will automatically add a segment.

For instance: will automatically add the segment billing. You can use it for will automatically add the segment sales. You can use it for

Overall, you can automatically assign different agents for each mailbox. How do Routing / Assign work?

5 - Customize your Crisp email address

You may want to use your own customized email address with a dedicated subdomain for your emails. It is helpful because it make your brand identity stronger which is great!

This is possible using the Custom Email Domain feature and following the tutorial in this article.

This way, you'll have an email that follows this pattern: for example. As an example, you could get when using the custom email domain.


If you have any issue with the setup or if you have a question regarding this article, do not hesitate to contact our support, we will help you to build what you want.
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