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How does the Discord integration work?

Crisp provides a Discord integration, that is included in our Unlimited plan. The Discord integration lets you receive customer messages in a Discord channel. You can even answer from there.

Discord integration is available from the Crisp Unlimited plan

How do I link Crisp to Discord?

You can link your existing Crisp website to Discord, by enabling the Unlimited plan on the target website, and then configuring the Discord integration:

Go to:
Log in or create a Crisp account
Go to the Plugins section (in the sidebar)
Search for "Discord" and install the Discord plugin (it will prompt you to upgrade your plan if necessary)
Go to the Discord plugin settings (click on the Discord plugin settings icon)
Follow the instructions to connect Crisp to Discord
After you finished configuring your plugin you should receive a message from the Crisp BOT in the appropriate channel:
Discord plugin configured

Once installation is successful a Bot from Crisp will be added to your Discord server.

FAQ: Discord integration

Why I'm not receiving Crisp messages on my Discord server?

Check the Discord plugin settings page and ensure that a Discord channel is selected.
Check that the Crisp Bot is still in your Discord server. If not, try to reconnect using the reconnect button on the settings page.

Are visitor messages sent/received on Discord still stored on my Crisp dashboard?

Yes, all messages (visitor + operator) are still stored on your Crisp dashboard, as they were before enabling Discord. You can still use the Crisp apps to search in chat history and manage your chats.

Can I still reply from the regular Crisp apps?

Yes. It's even better: you can have part of your team replying on Discord, while the other part uses Crisp apps. People on Discord can see messages sent from Crisp apps, and vice-versa.

Crisp synchronizes all messages for you between Crisp apps and integrations.

Do I need to add Crisp operators with Discord?

No. Messages sent from Discord use the sending Discord user profile. Thus, visitors can see the operator first name.

If you have a large team, there's no need to create a Crisp operator account for all of them. Crisp will automatically use their Discord profile if they start sending messages.

Which commands are available?

You can control some aspects of a Crisp conversation right from Discord.

Here is the list of the available commands, that you can enter in a conversation reply in Discord:

Resolve conversation: !resolve
Respond to a conversation: !reply <message_to_customer>

For instance, to forward a message in a conversation, reply !reply Hello John and the message will be sent to the corresponding conversation in Crisp.

The help command is available anywhere on your Discord server:

See available commands: !help

I have an issue, how do I get support?

If you are unable to see conversations arriving in your Discord channel, don't hesitate double-checking that your channel is set to "public"

We're sorry you're having issues with our Discord integration!

You can chat with us anytime, from our contact page.

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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