Here is how to integrate Crisp with Twitter, so you can receive direct messages from Twitter and reply from Crisp.

Twitter integration is available from the Crisp Pro plan

Video Tutorial

1. Create your Twitter App

Go to
Create a Twitter APP
Copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret somewhere
Generate access tokens in the Keys and Access Tokens tab. Don't forget to enable the Private Messages permission

2. Apply for the Account Activity API

Go to
Apply for access
Fill the information about your company.
Let Twitter know you are using the Account Activity API to offer customer support to your customers and you don't plan to analyze tweets or data.
Finally, Twitter should approve your request in the coming hours.
Create a dev environment on

3. Link Crisp with Twitter

When Twitter did grant you using their Account Activity API, you will be able finally to use Crisp with Twitter!

Go to
Go to plugins
Click on Twitter DM
Fill the Twitter credentials from the step 1.
Save the credentials
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