Here is how to integrate Crisp with Twitter, so you can receive direct messages from Twitter and reply from Crisp.

Twitter integration is available from the Crisp Pro plan

1. Create your Twitter App

Go to
Navigate to Standalone Apps, click on Create App
Give your App a name
Copy the generated API Key, Api Secret Key and Bearer Token

2. Allow messaging permissions

Go to the Settings tab of your App
In the App permissions section, click Edit
Select Read + Write + Direct Messages, click on Save
Twitter App Permissions

3. Generate Access credentials

Go the the Key and tokens tab of your App
In the Access Token and Secret section, click on Generate
Copy the generated Access Token and Access Token Secret
Twitter Access

4. Set up the Account Activity API

Go to
In Account Activity API / Sandbox, click on Set up dev environment
Give it a name, and select your App created in Step 1
Twitter Account Activity API

5. Link Crisp with Twitter

Go to
Navigate to Plugins
Click on Twitter DM
Fill the Twitter credentials from Step 1
Save the credentials


I don't receive messages on Crisp

Twitter is known to have sometimes issues on the Tokens. What we suggest in the first place if you don't receive messages from Twitter on Crisp is to renew your all the Twitter API Tokens on
Please ensure your OAuth permissions are set to Read + Write + Direct Messages
Check if your Account Activity API dev environment is properly configured

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