Phone calls is still one of the most frequent channel customers use to get in touch with companies. By connecting Aircall to Crisp, you can now receive and start phone calls straight from your Crisp inbox. Here is how.

Through this guide, you'll get everything you need to get your Aircall account connected to Crisp. You don't have an account on Aircall? Get in touch with us so you can benefit from our incredible partnership offer.

How to install the Aircall integration?

To enable this integration, you need to be using the Unlimited plan.

To centralize all your channels into Crisp, you still need to connect your phone system, which now possible thanks to Aircall. Before going through, make sure you're on the Unlimited plan and that you are an Admin in your inbox.

Once you're ready, follow the simple steps below:
Log in the Crisp dashboard.
Go to the plugins section in the left sidebar.
Search for "Aircall" in the search bar at the top center of your screen and click on "view details".

Click on the "install" button

Install the Aircall integration

Click on the "Connect to Aircall" button

Fill in your Aircall credentials if not connected already

Once you're logged in Aircall, you have two choices:

Create a phone number straight in Aircall
Port an existing phone number to your Aircall account

How to create a phone number on Aircall?

Now that the app is installed on Crisp and connected to Aircall, here is how you can create a phone number on Aircall.

Click on "Create a Number"
Click on "Create Classic Number"
Choose the geographical location you want your number to have
Name your phone number
Add agents to this phone number (Optional)
Click on "Create Number"

Congrats 🎉 Your phone number has been created, you can now set it up.

How to connect Aircall with Crisp?

Once you have created a phone number or ported a phone number to your Aircall account, go to your phone number settings and click on "integrations".

The agents on your team can use the same phone line simultaneously!

Once you've added the integration to your phone number, you're good to go. You can now go back to your Crisp inbox and look for the Aircall widget in the right sidebar of each conversation.
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