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How to connect Crisp with Mailchimp

Crisp provides a MailChimp integration, that is included starting Crisp Pro plan. The MailChimp integration lets you sync your Crisp contacts to Mailchimp.

This integration is one way only. It pushes contacts from Crisp to Mailchimp. Not from Mailchimp to Crisp.

Go to the Crisp Plugins

Go to
Go to the plugins section
Search for Mailchimp

Connect with Mailchimp

Once you click Connect with Mailchimp, you will be redirected to the OAuth process on the MailChimp dashboard. Once connected, new Crisp contacts will be synchronized to MailChimp!


If your contacts are not synced, please check the following points:

Crisp is only pushing new contacts to Mailchimp. Our system won't sync to Mailchimp your previous contacts, as well as contacts from the Crisp CSV import feature. If you want to batch import contacts on MailChimp, you can import then using CSV.
Please check that your MailChimp form doesn't contain mandatory Merge Tags. Crisp is using the regular MailChimp API. It means we won't be able to push contacts if your system contacts mandatory merge tabs. The MailChimp plugins are only compatible with standalone MailChimp setups.
Reconnect the Mailchimp plugin from the Crisp Dashboard is you experience any issue.

Updated on: 27/05/2019

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