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How to connect Ringover with Crisp?

Phone calls are still one of the most frequent channels customers use to get in touch with companies. By connecting Ringover to Crisp, you can now start phone calls straight from your Crisp inbox and receive messages and notes about your calls. Here is how.

Through this guide, you'll get everything you need to get your Ringover account connected to Crisp.

How to install the Ringover integration?

To enable this integration, you need to be using the Unlimited plan.

To centralize all your channels into Crisp, you still need to connect your phone system, which is now possible thanks to Ringover. Before going through, make sure you're on the Unlimited plan and that you are an Admin in your inbox.

Once you're ready, follow the steps below:

First, head to your Ringover Dashboard and go to the Developer page.
Click "Create an API Key", select a User whose number will be integrated with Crisp and give it a label.

Create a new API Key

Under "Rights", enable "Monitoring" and grant Read/Write permissions for: Calls , Contacts and Numbers.

Grant the correct permissions

Copy your newly created API key and head to Crisp.
Log in the Crisp dashboard.
Go to the plugins section in the left sidebar.
Search for "Ringover" in the search bar at the top center of your screen and click on "view details".
Click on the "Install" button

Install the plugin

Insert your API key and click on the "Connect to Ringover" button.

Insert your API key and connect to Ringover

You will be redirected to a new page and you will be presented with a Webhook URL, copy it and head back to the developer page in your Ringover Dashboard
Activate the Call Event and Contact Call webhooks.
In the Call Event paste the webhook URL copied from Crisp into these events: Calls Ringing, Calls Answered, Calls Ended, Missed Calls, Voicemail and After Call

Paste the webhook URL in the correct events)

In the Contact Call webhook, include the webhook for the single event.

Once you've added the integration to your phone number, you're good to go. You can now go back to your Crisp inbox and look for the Ringover widget in the right sidebar of each conversation.

Configure your plugin settings.

Go to the plugins section in the left sidebar.
Search for "Ringover" in the search bar at the top center of your screen and click on "Configure the plugin".
Enable whether or not Ringover conversations with unknown numbers should be Auto-Resolved or not.

Configure your settings

Updated on: 21/12/2022

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