Crisp takes notification delivery issues seriously. Most of the time, these issues can be simple using simple actions

1. Has one operator read the message?

Crisp doesn't send notifications for a pending message if that message has been seen (read) by at least 1 operator. If your team is made of multiple operators, ensure nobody reads the message to test if email notifications get delivered.

2. Multiple agents are not replying

Crisp is sending notifications to once operator at once to avoid flooding your team and to avoid concurrency.

We deliver notification using priorities, to an online agent first, and offline agents then. For instance:

Agent A is online, Agent B is online, Agent C is offline.

Crisp delivers a notification to Agent A, but Agent A is not taking action.
We deliver a notification to Agent B, but Agent B is doing something else
We finally send the notification to agent C (only if push notifications are enabled)

3. Low battery mode

To prevent from killing your battery, most phone providers are slowing notification delivery to prevent battery.

4. Network issue

When loading Crisp on a phone, we synchronize your Phone Notification ID (generated by your phone) and push it to Crisp API. It allows then Crisp API to send you notifications.

Sometimes, a network issue might affect this precious data exchange between your phone and our servers, resulting in a notification delivery failure.

In that case, just Just reboot your phone and your Crisp APP

5. Notifications are not enabled

You need to ensure that notifications are enabled, both on your Crisp dashboard and in your phone settings.

On Crisp settings, check it from
If your phone is running iOS or Android, check Application Settings, and then search for Crisp. And then ensure push notifications are enabled

None if these cases happens to me

In that case, contact us and we'll proceed manual operations to your account to take appropriate actions.
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