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Why don't I receive any email from Crisp?

Crisp sends notification emails for pending (unread) messages from your visitors. You may receive some notification emails from Crisp when you are not active on the apps, as a reminder that a visitor is waiting for an answer.

Notification emails are sent according to a timing policy that is explained in: How do email notifications work?.

In some cases, you may not receive any email from Crisp; thus, you wonder why. There is surely a reason for that. Here is a checklist to help you fix this:

1. Are emails getting in the spam folder?

Whatever email provider you are using, they almost all have agressive spam filters. Given how spam filters work and the amount of notifications you receive, at some points emails from Crisp may be marked as spam.

Check your spam folder, and mark Crisp emails as "Not spam". They'll be moved back to your inbox, and further emails coming in the future should be delivered right to your inbox, as expected.

Remember: it's important to mark Crisp emails as "Not spam", to train your spam filter. If you don't do that, further email may still get delivered to the spambox.

2. Are email notifications enabled?

You may have disabled email notifications. You can check it:

Go to:
Go to the settings (click on the settings icon)
Click on "Notifications"
Check that: "Disable all notifications" is off, and "Email me unread messages" is on

3. Has one operator read the message?

Crisp doesn't send email notifications for a pending message if that message has been seen (read) by at least 1 operator. If your team is made of multiple operators, ensure nobody reads the message to test if email notifications get delivered.

Email notifications are delivered after a certain delay, as explained in: How do email notifications work?.

4. Have you unsubscribed from emails?

At some point, you may have clicked on an "unsubscribe from emails" link in the footer of an email sent by Crisp.

You can easily ensure you've unsubscribed by proceeding as such:

Open your Crisp Dashboard
In the left sidebar, click on "Contacts"
Search for your own email
Click on the found contact that should appear (if it does not appear, create a new contact with your email address and name)
In the contact profile you've just opened, check if there's any orange bar letting you know that you unsubscribed
Click on "Re-subscribe" in the orange bar
You should now receive emails again

5. Is your email address domain on the Crisp blacklist?

Due to people abusing the Crisp platform to flood some specific email domains with irrelevant emails, we've decided to block sending emails to the following email domains: (reason: Facebook email servers closed doors, and generate a lot of errors in our systems if we attempt delivering emails to them) (reason: QQ provides number-based email addresses, which malicious people use to flood the whole QQ's user base easily, with brute-force by incrementing the user number portion of the email)

If your email address is hosted on this domain name, Crisp will simply ignore sending any email to your email address. There is currently no way to solve the issue; except using another email provider / domain.

6. Nothing above fixed my issue!

If you cannot figure out why emails are not getting delivered to your inbox, please contact us directly. The issue may be due to network issues between us and your email provider, and we will need to take action on our side.

Updated on: 07/11/2023

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