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Sound is not working when receiving a new message

Your team or your users can't hear any sound? Here is why...

Modern Browsers

Moderns Browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) are having built in features to mute sounds when a tab is hidden.

This limitation applies in the following case:

- You open a tab that contains a Crisp chatbox (tab A).
- You send a message on the Crisp chatbox
- You switch to an another tab (tab B) that contains Facebook.
- After 4 minutes, you receive a message reply on the tab A.

In the following example, we should hear a sound when receiving the new message, but we don't. the reason is that most browsers are muting hidden tabs after few minutes if no sound is already playing. This built-in feature is made to save battery and to avoid annoying ads on some websites.

This limitations applies on Crisp and all it's competitors, as well as popular apps (Youtube, Facebook). Unfortunately, it's not possible to bypass this limitation.

Crisp Chatbox

To ensure your users have been notified, we send an email notification to your users when when they don't read your message in time (after 5 minutes).

Crisp App

We suggest you to enable push notifications. You may also install the Crisp Desktop App (for Mac OS and Windows) from

To receive sound notifications on the Crisp App, ensure your Crisp Inbox stay focused

Ensure your Inbox is focused

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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