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I don't receive messages in real-time on my Crisp dashboard

Crisp is using websockets in order to send messages in real-time to your dashboard. If you experience issues with this, you better watch this article

When this orange banner is visible, it means you can't receive messages in real-time

A firewall/proxy is blocking Crisp

Some Firewalls (Fortinet, and Avast) and proxies deep inspect network packets by installing a custom SSL certificate.

You can easily test if are firewall is blocking Crisp by going to the following URL:

This is the error you could have in the case of a Firewall

Crisp is blocked in your country

Some countries including Russia and China may block some of our messaging servers. If you are using Crisp from one of those countries, we suggest using Crisp with a VPN. You can also use a different DNS, like (Google) or (CloudFlare)

Crisp is down

To check if Crisp is down, you can go to and check if Operator realtime sockets are green. If you see a failure, no need to contact us, our technical team is already on this.

Operator realtime sockets should be green

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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