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The chatbox does not work or appear on my website

In some cases, you may not be seeing the Crisp chatbox as you'd expect on your website. Let's find out why.

There are many reasons that may prevent Crisp from being displayed. Find out the most common reasons below:

1. Check your HTML

First thing to check: did you correctly include the chatbox HTML on your website?

Open Google Chrome
In Chrome, access your website
Right click somewhere on your page and click "View Page Source"
In the source, do a quick search for "crisp"

Now on, if you did not find the "crisp" keyword in your page:

Did you include the code on all your website pages?
Do you have any cache running in front of your website? If so, try to purge any cache (eg. if you are using Cloudflare this may be necessary)

2. Your Web browser is too old

We are making our best so that the Crisp Chatbox runs on a wide range of browser versions, from the latest versions of Chrome to years old versions of the same browser. However, at some point, we just can't support a browser that's too old due to modern CSS or JavaScript features that we need to run the Crisp Chatbox.

As we're adding new features in the Crisp Chatbox, we may also deprecate support for older browsers, where the Crisp Chatbox would start appearing as broken (we prefer not to load the chatbox in such cases).

If Crisp does not appear on your website, check that your Web browser is supported:

Browser✅ Full support?🛠️ Legacy support?
Chrome (Desktop & Android)>= 118>= 54
Firefox>= 66>= 54
Safari (macOS & iOS)>= 15>= 12
Edge>= 118>= 18
Opera>= 104>= 41
Android Web View>= 11 (Android version)>= 5 (Android version)

It's a good general rule of thumb to say that we guarantee support for browser versions that were released in the last 5 years from now. Most Web users (99%+) are using browser versions that are more recent than that.

If a browser version is still supported but falls in the "legacy support" category, it will mostly look and work the same, but some features might run in a compatibility mode (eg. CSS rules). You may not be able to tell the difference.

3. Your browser cache is outdated

Please reset your browser cache, here is how to reset your browser cache on most browsers:

Google Chrome:

4. Check for JavaScript conflicts

Some websites use a lot of JavaScript "shim" libraries, used to emulate modern browser JavaScript features in older browsers.

Some of those "shim" JS libraries may prevent the chatbox from running. Temporarily disable any "shim" JavaScript library and see if the chatbox now shows up.

Some libraries like PrototypeJS wrongly emulates the Javascript natives features and are known to cause issues.

5. Browser Extensions Interference

Certain browser extensions, especially those aimed at privacy and ad-blocking, might interfere with the visibility of the Crisp chatbox.

Check if you are using any ad-blockers or privacy extensions. Some known ones to potentially block Crisp include:
DuckDuckGo Privacy
Brave Browser (notably when the chatbox is embedded via GTM)
Avira Browser Safety

6. Ensure chatbox is not hidden if support is offline

You may have enabled the option to hide the chatbox if your support is offline.

Check that this option is disabled and try again accessing your website (this article explains how to enable it, which will also help you disable it).

7. Check your chatbox block rules

Blocking yourself is the most common reason Crisp users don't see their chatbox. Follow this section to ensure you did not block yourself at any point.

You may have configured block rules on your chatbox (eg. block by country, language, IP, etc.).

Ensure all your block rules are disabled:

Go to:
Go to your settings: click on the settings icon
Click on "Websites"
Pick your website
Click on "Chatbox & Emails settings"
Open "Chatbox restrictions"
Remove any active blocking rule
Important: Clear your blocked visitors rules (ie. when you pressed the "Block user" button in chat)
Try again accessing your website and check the chatbox now shows up

Clear your blocked visitors

8. You use a firewall

Crisp is including HSTS to ensure the best security level compliance.

In few cases, companies as using Firewall, Proxies that replace the default Crisp certificate with a custom one. If you are using Fortinet or a Fortigate you might be impacted.

How to check this?

Go to
If everything is working properly, you should see {"code":0,"message":"No Operation"}

If you see a SSL issue or a security alert, you might be impacted by a Firewall. In this case, ask your network administrator to Whitelist Crisp.

9. Check your $crisp JS SDK calls

You or your developer might be using $crisp JavaScript SDK calls to hide the chatbox programmatically.

Ensure you don't have a JavaScript call that contains chat:hide in your code.

10. DOS Protection

Our network automatically blocks potential DOS attacks. If too many users are connecting to the Crisp chatbox under the same IP, Crisp will raise a 420 error.

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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