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MagicBrowse is not working

MagicBrowse is a highly innovative feature and sometimes edge cases are discovered. Most of MagicBrowse issues are simple to resolve

1. You are trying MagicBrowse using localhost

To make MagicBrowse working, Crisp servers need to access to your website. If your website is not live yet, Crisp can't access to your development website, resulting in a display failure. (Page might display like if no CSS is provided).

To solve this issue, just use MagicBrowse from your staging or production website. We just need to access to a public website.

2. Customer is offline

To optimize platform performances, Crisp is not updating the visitor list in real-time, Few seconds may happen that a visitor is detected as offline.

As Crisp MagicBrowse is 100% live, if the visitor is gone, we can't connect to his webpage.

3. Webpage is too heavy

To protect Crisp servers and your customer's data usage, Crisp is blocking MagicBrowse if your webpage is heavy (over 500KB).

To solve this issue:

Don't embed inline Stylesheets in the HTML
Avoid HTML redundancies
Don't use inline Base64 images

4. Stream socket is blocked

Both Crisp chatbox and Crisp operator app connect to a stream server (over WebSockets) in order to exchange MagicBrowse data.

On websites with a restrictive Content Security Policy (CSP), the stream socket server might get blocked, thus preventing the Crisp chatbox from connecting to the MagicBrowse session. You may allow our stream socket server in your CSP. Check our our guide on domain names for CSP to fix that.

If you're using Shopify, some auth middlewares might block connexions, preventing Crisp from the ability to grab all the required data to display customer's screen correctly.

None of these cases applies

In that case, just contact our team, we'll be happy to solve your issue.

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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