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How to use the Salesforce integration with Crisp ?

Crisp provides a Salesforce integration, that is included in our unlimited plan. The Salesforce integration lets you submit your Contact data from Crisp to salesforce.

Salesforce integration is available from the Unlimited plan

How does the Salesforce plugin works with Crisp ?

Our Salesforce integration allows automatic sync with Crisp regarding your contacts and all the information that goes along.

Your sales team will never get bored again !

You can link your existing Crisp website to Salesforce, by enabling an Unlimited plan on the target website, and then configuring the Salesforce integration:

Go to :
Click on the "Install" button
Follow the steps


Connect to Crisp
Click on "Plugins"
Search for "Salesforce"
Follow the steps

What information is sent to SFDC?

The Crisp integration pushes email, full name, phone number, profile picture, address and lead source (in this case, Crisp)

It's not possible to push messages. Only contacts are pushed.

What SFDC object does it correspond to?

Using SFDC, you'll see the Crisp user details in the Contact section.

Does it recognize existing contacts?

The integration recognizes existing contacts through an email check and does not create duplicate users.


I have installed the plugin and it was successful but my contacts are not syncing, why?

Unfortunately, not all Salesforce additions have API access, which Crisp relies on in-order to sync contact data. The editions which include API access are:
Enterprise Edition
Unlimited Edition
Developer Edition
Performance Edition

Editions that do not include API access are:
Group Edition
Essentials Edition
Professional Edition

If your Salesforce edition does not include API access, the integration will not work. You will need to upgrade our Salesforce edition.

Updated on: 05/05/2023

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