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Why MagicType is not working?

MagicType is a great feature to quickly reply to your users. This guide includes most cases where MagicType is not disabled.

1. DoNotTrack

Crisp respects the DoNotTrack protocol.

Your users may have enabled this feature in their browser. As Crisp respects privacy, we automatically disable MagicType in this case.

2. Slow networks

MagicType requires extra network usage. MagicType may be disabled for users using Crisp on a slow network (Edge, bad Wi-Fi connection).

3. Small strings

As MagicType requires extra network usage, we stream new users when a new space is detected.

Here are few examples:

"Hello" will not enable MagicType
"Hello, how are you" will enable MagicType

Updated on: 12/12/2022

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