Available on Crisp Unlimited, Crisp Pipedrive plugin is dual-sync.

All the new contacts you have in Crisp are sent to Pipedrive and all the new contacts in Pipedrive are automatically synced to Crisp CRM.

1. Connect Crisp to Pipedrive

Go to : Pipedrive Marketplace
Click Install
Choose your Crisp website
Allow the permissions

All is now set up and your future contacts are ready to be added!

2. How it works?

All the new contacts you add on Pipedrive are directly added to Crisp. If you upload a contact in Pipedrive, it's also uploaded in Crisp. As the plugin is dual-sync, it works the same on Crisp's side. When a new contact is added to Crisp, it's automatically added to Pipedrive. Any modification you do on Crisp is reflected on Pipedrive.
Note that the plugin doesn't create leads but contacts.

Create a new contact in Pipedrive:
New contact in Pipedrive

The contact is instantly added to Crisp's CRM.

The contact is added in Crisp

All your Pipedrive's contacts will have the segment pipedrive so you'll know where the contact comes from.

3. Import my previous contacts

You may want to add your previous contacts in Crisp. In order to do that, you have to download your contact list in Pipedrive as a CSV.

Export contacts from Pipedrive

Import the CSV to Crisp

Import CSV in Crisp

You can learn more about CSV import in Crisp in this article


In that case, just contact our team, we'll be happy to solve your issue.
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