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How to set up Crisp with Pipedrive?

The Pipedrive plugin will allow you to sync your contacts between Pipedrive and Crisp, view deals and activities associated to a person as well as create and update deals directly from Crisp. In this article you will find out how the integration works and how to connect your Pipedrive workspace to Crisp

How to connect the Pipedrive plugin?

Install the plugin.

First you will need to go on and then Plugins, and finally search "Pipedrive"

Open the Crisp add go to plugins and search 'Pipedrive'

Connect Pipedrive to Crisp

Click on Access Pipedrive Marketplace or head directly to the Crisp app on the Pipedrive marketplace by clicking here.

Click on Access Pipedrive Marketplace

On the Pipedrive marketplace, click "Install Now" then click "Allow and Install on the following page".
You should now be redirected to Crisp, click "Continue" and then select the website you would like to link Pipedrive to.
That's it! You're Pipedrive workspace is now Connected to Crisp!

How does the plugin work?

Contacts Sync

The contact synchronization is a two way sync. When a contact is created or updated in Crisp, the contact will also be added/updated in Pipedrive and vice-versa. However, if you would only like the plugin to synchronize from Crisp to Pipedrive or Pipedrive to Crisp, you have the options to enable or disable the synchronization options.

If you would prefer to manually create contacts in Pipedrive from Crisp, you can disable the synchronization option in the plugin settings by going to Plugins > Pipedrive > Settings and disable the option Automatically Sync Crisp Contacts. Then, when you need to add a contact to your Pipedrive workspace, head to the widget on the side of the conversation and click Sync Person To Pipedrive

Sync Crisp Contact to Pipedrive

Contacts created from Pipedrive will have the segment pipedrive in Crisp, so you'll know where the contact comes from.

Import my previous contacts from Pipedrive to Crisp

You may want to add your previous contacts in Crisp. In order to do that, you have to download your contact list in Pipedrive as a CSV.

Export contacts from Pipedrive

Import the CSV to Crisp

Import CSV in Crisp

You can learn more about CSV import in Crisp in this article

Create deals to a contact

The Pipedrive widget makes it extremely easy to create a deal without leaving the Crisp dashboard, meaning you can create a deal as soon as possible without the need to navigate to another tab! Simply click on the "Create a Deal" button and the modal will open up.

Create a deal in Crisp modal

View your customers deals directly in Crisp.

The Pipedrive widget will give you all the context you need about deals associated to your contact, whether the deal status is open, won or lost. If your customer has more than one deal, all deals will be displayed in the widget. However, if you would only like to see deals with an open status, you have the option to disable this in your plugin preferences.

Pipedrive deals in depth

Modify Pipedrive integration settings

When enabling the Pipedrive integration, all the options are enabled. If you want to modify the behaviour, you have to go to the plugin settings. To do so here is the path you should follow:

Go to Plugins
Search for "Pipedrive"
Click on "Settings"

Now, you just have to enable or disable the required behaviour to fit with your internal workflows.

Configure your settings

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to attach a conversation to a person, not just a deal?

Yes! You can attach a conversation to the persons profile. You can do this by going to View Activities > Add conversation to person.

Updated on: 11/12/2023

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