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How to connect Viber with Crisp?

Crisp is integrated with Viber so you can reply to your Viber customers directly from Crisp! Build a shared inbox for Viber! Here's how to create a team inbox and set it up

Connecting Crisp with Viber can be done with 2 simple steps. Through this guide, you'll get everything you need to get your Viber bot connected to Crisp and benefit from all the amazing features available in Crisp.

How to create a Viber Team Inbox?

To enable this integration, you need to be using the Unlimited plan. Check our pricing plans here

Make sure you are seen an admin in Crisp so you can do through the entire process.

Create a bot in Viber

You will first need to create a bot in Viber, where an active Viber account is required. Once you have created your bot you will be given a Token which we will use in the next step.

Connect with Crisp Inbox

Go to
Go to plugins
Click on Viber
Paste your Token in input field
Click connect with Viber

Insert you Viber token.

That's it! You've created your shared inbox for Viber! Your Viber bot should now be connected to Crisp.

Configure your settings

Once you have connected your Viber bot to Crisp, you have the option to configure a welcome message to display to your users. By default this is turned off, but you can enable it and configure a custom welcome message. To save your message, simply type your message and click outside of the input box.

Go to the plugins section in the left sidebar.
Search for "Viber" in the search bar at the top center of your screen and click on "Configure the plugin".

Enable and configure your Welcome message

Take advantage of your Team Inbox features

Now that your Viber bot is connected to Crisp, you can take advantage of other Crisp features to improve you support quality.

Use shortcut replies to answer you customers faster and limit typos for common messages, as well as include customer data in your messages.
Utilize the Crisp chat bot plugin combined with the Helpdesk to provide 24/7 support, even when your team is offline.
Collaborate with your team by leaving private notes and mentions in the conversation, only visible to the operators. You can also leave reminders for tasks that may take more time.
If you need to view messages from Viber only, use the custom filters by only showing conversations with the segment viber in attached to it.

Updated on: 25/05/2022

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