Billions of users are using WhatsApp. Using Crisp, WhatsApp users can contact you directly and you can handle them directly from your Crisp Inbox.


WhatsApp Business API was announced at the end of 2017. Today, this feature is API is still in closed beta. As the applications for this program are closed since the beginning, we chose to integrate with Twilio, which partners with WhatsApp since 2017.

As the Crisp WhatsApp integration is build exclusively with Twilio, you need a phone number that was manually enabled by Twilio in order to connect with WhatsApp.

You business will need to apply to the WhatsApp Commerce Policy. Also, the Twilio WhatsApp API comes with a price. Around $2 /mth per phone number and $0.005 per sent/received message.

Apply to the Twilio WhatsApp feature

1 - Create a Twilio Phone number

Go to your Twilio's Dashboard and then create a phone number. You can buy phone numbers in almost any country.

You can also use an existing Twilio phone number of yours.

2 - Apply to the Twilio WhatsApp Beta

Once your phone number is created you can now apply to the Twilio WhatsApp Beta.

You can apply from

In order to apply, you will need to have a Facebook Business Manager ID. This ID can be retrieved in the Business Manager settings, in the Business Info tab

3 - Wait the Twilio WhatsApp approval

Once you applied to Twilio WhatsApp beta, it will take some time to be validated. It can take weeks. You can speed up the process by contacting your Twilio's account manager.

4 - Fill your Business information

Once validated (congratulations), you will need to fill your business informations in order to create a Display Name on WhatsApp.

Go to the WhatsApp Senders page in your Twilio Console and click the “plus” button to create your first Business Profile.
Complete the form and submit your WhatsApp Business Profile request along with message templates. ⚠️ Note: All Display Names must show consistency with the Business Name on the Facebook Business Manager provided. See Display Name rules.
Twilio will use this information to provision your Business Profile in the next 5-10 business days.

5 - Go to the Crisp WhatsApp Plugin

Go to
Then to plugins
Search for the WhatsApp plugin
Fill your Twilio Account tokens. It can be retrieved from your Twilio Dashboard
Pick your number in the list
Crisp generates a webhook URL. Copy this URL.

6 - Go back Twilio

We will need to use the webhook Crisp generated so the Crisp WhatsApp plugin can receive your WhatsApp messages.

Go to the WhatsApp Beta section in Twilio
Go to senders
Use the Webhook generated by Crisp in the When a message comes in section

7 - You can fully use Crisp with WhatsApp

Your customers can now reach your company directly from WhatsApp.

The Crisp integration will not work with Twilio Sandbox phone numbers


Media files are not opening in Crisp
You may have enabled the option to prevent Unauthorized Access to Your Media in Twilio. You will need to disable this by following the instructions on Twillio .

Note: you should be disabling the option "Enforce HTTP Auth on Media URLs" instead of enabling as shown on Twillio
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